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Valuable Feedback From Our Customers!

"I have been coming here for like 16 years. They are amazing and always give quality service. The customer service is amazing and I would recommend this place to anyone! Love Fernando and his wife!!! Almost the best in Queens!"  Teresa Stroble

"I have been coming to K&C for a few years now. Fernando and his wife provide superior customer service every time. They always give the best price and find what I am looking for! The customer service is amazing and I would recommend them" Milena Ost

"I've always known them to be honest and fair jewelers, always very generous around the holidays" Dimitri Kaslishnikov

"I love this place.. they work with you in the best way they can, they are very generous, very helpful. I recommend Going Here For Everything and anything that has to do with jewelry! The only negative thing I have to say is that the store is Usually Closed When I try and stop by in the afternoon but I suggest people call in and ask about closing and opening times before going! That's About it :) " Sophia Rivera

"This is a very nice shop with reasonable prices and quick turnaround. They are able to custom make any design and can fix any problem with my jewelry. I purchased a custom silver ring and had repaired my gold bracelet and watch. A family-owned shop that I look forward to doing more business with." Richard Tyagi

"K & C Jewelers are amazing. Family owned and operated, Dina and Fernando (wife & husband) and son Chris are so incredibly sweet and they are willing to give you the best price, no matter what! I got three pieces of jewelry (earrings, a butterfly ring which they swapped out the stones for peridot which is my birthstone and a beautiful 14k full stone peridot ring which is amazing- and all at amazingly low prices. Check them out- all products are real and fixed in store. Thanks, guys!!!!" Michelle Henn